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About NEAR Protocol

Decentralized applications (dApps) can be created using the open-source NEAR Protocol development services. It is an Ethereum rival since it has a single ecosystem with a design that is representative of all dApps.The NEAR protocol has native tokens that can be used to pay for storing data and processing transactions. The Proof-of-Stake blockchain technology focuses on lowering costs for developers and end-users and boosting program scalability.

The NEAR Protocol framework is extremely developer-friendly. With the Rainbow Bridge launch opening up DeFi to the world, NEAR facilitates easy access to DeFi. On dApps run by NEAR, every Ethereum asset is usable. A generation 3 blockchain, like the NEAR protocol, is noticeably faster than counterparts from the previous generation.


Our NEAR Blockchain Development Services

We at Codezeros are experts in providing NEAR blockchain development services that are quick, scalable, safe, and completely tailored using the third-generation blockchain network.

NEAR dApp Development

We build dApps with a variety of features, scalability, and security that may help your company succeed and undergo transformation. From creating the application from the beginning to providing support and consulting, we offer a variety of dApp development services. Your NEAR dApps are executed flawlessly by our dApp developers. We can create dependable decentralized apps for a variety of commercial use cases.

NEAR Wallet Development

At Codezeros, we help organizations from a range of sectors build their own cryptocurrency wallets. We help our clients create fantastic blockchain solutions by drawing on our extensive experience in white-label cryptocurrency development and our in-depth knowledge of the market. Your users may make money, purchase, sell, and pay for a variety of goods and services thanks to our dependable NEAR Protocol crypto wallet development.

NEAR NFT Development

We can design proprietary, ready-to-deploy NFT marketplace platforms that enable your users to launch, buy, and sell NFTs. Both technical and non-technical individuals can buy and sell NFTs on our marketplaces with ease. Our NEAR NFT marketplace can help your business draw millions of users to mobilize their NFT portfolios. We help platform owners attract a global audience with scalable NEAR protocol NFT marketplace solutions.

NEAR Cross-Chain Integration

The NEAR blockchain has been incorporated into the Multichain ecosystem, allowing thousands of tokens to interact with the ecosystem in real-time. Our cross-chain design allows two or more blockchains to trade off their efficiency, decentralization, feature set, and security. We can assist in improving NEAR cross-chain efficiency, reducing fragmentation, and allowing users and features to move more easily across different blockchains.

NEAR Node Setup and Deployment

The NEAR Protocol is implemented on a network of publicly maintained computers (or "nodes"). All nodes use the same nearcore codebase, with the most recent releases available on GitHub. If you are looking to compile and run a NEAR validator node natively (without containerization) for one of the following networks, then Codezeros is the NEAR blockchain development company for you.

NEAR DAO Development

A DAO is essentially a more complex account, it is similar to a bank account, but it does not require a bank. DAOs represent an entirely new approach to organizing a self-governing online community and empowering its decentralized, democratic interactions. NEAR-powered DAOs provide users with more control over their community engagement and enable new forms of collaboration such as project funding, voting, project launch, and so forth.



Because of the Rust programming language, NEAR Protocol can demonstrate its scalability with upcoming Web 3.0 technologies by processing around 100,000 transactions per second. The NEAR protocol uses short-string addresses instead of human-readable wallet addresses. The close protocol also includes an Ethereum bridge for easy asset swapping between chains. The Aurora native EVM-compatible layer 2 scaling solution further exemplifies the Near protocol as a fruit of the Rust programming language.

Industries We Cater

Codezeros provides cutting-edge NEAR blockchain development solutions for the sectors listed below.



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Employ a dedicated NEAR development team to construct cutting-edge blockchain apps that meet your project requirements. Our highly skilled team facilitates your access to excellent opportunities in NEAR development solutions.

Highly scalable

NEAR's sharded infrastructure allows you to indefinitely grow your solutions, and its low gas fees ensure a cost-efficient alternative to other blockchains.

Green blockchain

NEAR is the world's first carbon-neutral blockchain. Developing the NEAR protocol is a step towards making the world a greener place.

Swift operations

The NEAR protocol is intended to provide the speed and user experience required for the widespread adoption of decentralized solutions; it allows tokens to be transferred quickly across NEAR accounts.

User satisfaction

Our NEAR Protocol solutions are designed to provide the speed and user experience required for the widespread adoption of decentralized solutions--if they allow tokens to be transferred quickly between NEAR accounts.

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