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Random Number Generation (RNG) is at the base of numerous Web3 use cases. However, there are several fundamental issues that threaten the integrity of these applications. For instance, while developing smart contracts, due to the lack of access to a secure RNG and the source of randomness being on-chain blockchain hashes, blockchain miners or validators can manipulate the RNG value. To address such issues, an uncertain and authentic RNG output is required. This is where VRF Protocol Solutions from Codezeros come in. Our VRF Protocol Development Services entail developing solutions that utilize a pseudorandom output generation process, validated by immutable cryptographic proof of authenticity.


VRF Protocol Development Services on Offer

Whether you want to integrate VRF protocol into existing systems or want to create an application that heavily relies on cryptographically secured randomness, we can help. Depending on your unique requirements, you can choose from our range of services pertaining to VRF protocol development.

VRF Protocol Design, Implementation & Coding

At Codezeros, we can help you design and build VRF protocols tailored to your specific use cases & requirements. This involves defining cryptographic algorithms, security parameters, and protocols for generating random and verified output. Furthermore, we can ensure efficient and secure execution by providing coding and implementation in relevant programming languages like Solidity.

VRF Protocol Integration Support

We can seamlessly integrate VRF protocol into your existing systems, applications, or blockchain networks. We will work closely with your development team and provide the required documentation, libraries, and APIs to ensure easy adoption.

Support & Maintenance

We offer ongoing support and maintenance support for implemented VRF protocols. The service involves optimizing the performance and efficiency of the protocol, fixing bugs, addressing security vulnerabilities with timely updates, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the protocol with ongoing technical assistance.

VRF Protocol Consulting Services

If you’re still exploring the application of VRF protocol development to your business and want to dig deeper, we can provide comprehensive consulting and advisory services. As a part of this service, we will guide you through the potential application of VRF protocols in your specific domain, security considerations, and insights into the best practices.

Provable and Tamper-Proof Randomness for Smart Contracts That is Also Cost-Efficient

Implementing VRF protocol for on-chain randomization in your GamFi, DeFi, or NFT projects, is an optimal and cost-effective way of taking them to the next level and providing your consumers with a superior experience

Unbiased RNG for Smart Contracts

With a hidden seed & private key, the VRF output does not exhibit any pattern. Uniform distribution ensures every possible output in the range has an equal likelihood.

Reward Your Consumers with a Trustworthy Experience

Have more users place their trust in your application by ensuring fair and transparent outcomes, verifiable using cryptographic proofs.

Randomness, No One Can Tamper With

No entity or individual can tamper with the RNG process since the cryptographic proof is immutable.

Impeccable VRF Products to Enhance Your Projects

Take your blockchain-based projects that use entropy to new heights with industry-standard VRF products.


How Does VRF Smart Contract Development Work?

VRF-compatible smart contracts are the building blocks for developing Web3 applications that utilize random number generation. At Codezeros, we follow the following steps to obtain verifiable and secure random numbers for verifiable random function development.

VRF Protocol Development Process
  • Funding a Subscription

    The bid for any consumer contract needs to be funded with tokens. To fund multiple consumer contracts, we usually utilize a subscription model. We create and fund a subscription on the Ethereum mainnet or on any of the testnets. Alternatively, we can directly fund individual contracts.

  • Creating & Deploying VRF-Compatible Smart Contracts

    A VRF-compatible smart contract is created using the data provided by the best-matching oracle on the Decentralized Oracle Network (DON). This contract is then deployed either directly on the Ethereum mainnet or a testnet.

  • Requesting Random Values

    With the output from the oracle stored as an array, this deployed smart contract is utilized to make a request for a random value.

  • Verification of the Generated Value

    After receiving the generated value, the process of RNG is verified and authenticated using the oracle’s public key and the private key native to the deployed smart contract.

Build Provably Secure Applications with Our VRF Protocol Solutions


Why Choose Us for VRF Protocol Development?

VRF ensures the security of a random number and hence has opened up several notable use cases. We are a VRF protocol development company with long-standing expertise and extensive experience in blockchain technology. Here are several reasons you can approach us for.

Seamless Integration of VRF Protocol into Blockchain & Smart Contracts

With VRF protocol development, we will work with you to develop privacy-preserving smart contracts, decentralized applications, and protocols.

Enhance Internet Security

By helping you integrate VRF protocols into the DNS system, we can provide a robust mechanism to enhance the security and integrity of DNS messages.

Incorporate VRF into Zero-Knowledge Technology

We can help you significantly enhance the confidentiality, integrity, and efficiency of zero-knowledge proofs and zero-knowledge databases by incorporating VRF into the protocol design of these systems.

Verifiable Transaction Escrow Schemes

We can utilize VRF protocols and help you provide automated escrow services that can uphold user anonymity, ensure fairness and enhance the overall security of the escrow process.

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