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Codezeros: Zero-Knowledge Proof Services for seamlessly scaling the Ethereum blockchain

Zk-rollups are growing more and more popular with investors and traders seeking quicker and less expensive transaction processing as well as developers trying to improve usability. On the idea of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), ZK rollups are founded. ZKP is a type of cryptographic proof in which the prover can show the verifier that a certain claim is accurate without ever revealing it to the prover. We keep this condition by providing proof of verification. Zk-rollups, in contrast to optimistic rollups, simply need us to present validity proofs. Because exit transactions are carried out as soon as the zk-rollup contract validates the validity evidence, we can assist you to shorten the time it takes to transfer funds from a zk-rollup to Ethereum.


Our Zk-Rollups Technology Solutions

"Hybrid scaling solutions" like ZK-rollups are off-chain protocols that run independently but rely on Ethereum for security. Zk-rollups' use of zero-knowledge proofs to validate transactions on-chain without requiring any interaction or trust is one of their distinguishing characteristics. With high scalability, low latency, and privacy characteristics promised, Codezeros is now able to offer zk-rollup services, such as follows.

zkSync Services

zkSync Era is one such Layer-2 protocol that ‘hyper-scales’ Ethereum with cutting-edge ZK tech. The goal of zkSync is to fully preserve Ethereum's core ideals at scale, including freedom, self-sovereignty, and decentralization, rather than just increasing throughput. zkSync is the only scaling solution that allows us to inherit 100% of Ethereum's security is the zkSync protocol, based on Era.

zkSwap Services

Based on zero-knowledge roll-up technology, ZKSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) with an automated market maker (AMM) methodology. Its key benefits include unlimited scalability, privacy, rapid throughput, and cheap gas prices. Utilizing liquidity pools will automatically enable your users to trade digital assets without a centralized authority/exchange (CEX).

zkTube Services

The first Layer 2 mining network with added security and privacy is zkTube. To give Ethereum better scalability, lower gas costs, and higher transaction throughput, zkTube has incorporated ZK-Rollup. ZKT cannot be accepted at the trading address because it has yet to be listed online. Only Ethereum decentralized chain wallets, including Meta Mask, ImToken, Tokenpocket, and other wallets, currently enable ZKT subscriptions.


The leading ZK scaling alternative to the Ethereum Virtual Machine is Polygon zkEVM Beta: The great majority of current smart contracts, developer tools, and wallets function without any issues. To lower transaction costs, Polygon zkEVM uses the strength of ZK proofs. For a better user experience, it lowers the overall cost of usage for end users. With frequent validity checks, Polygon zkEVM provides quick network finality. Different dApps can be made by our developers for a range of user experiences.

Mir Protocol

Zero-knowledge proofs make it possible to decentralize on a large scale by validating thousands or even millions of transactions with just a little evidence. These proofs can be produced 100x faster than with current alternatives because of Mir's ground-breaking technology. Terraform Labs (TFL) created the Mir or Mirror Protocol, a synthetic assets protocol, on the Terra blockchain. MIR serves as the protocol's governance token.


A non-custodial, open-sourced, and audited Layer 2 trade and payment exchange protocol is called Loopring. In the Loopring ecosystem, no one has to have faith in others. On the Ethereum blockchain, it enables high-throughput, low-cost trading and payment. With 100% Ethereum-level security guarantees, zkRollup aids Codezeros in making sure that assets are always under users' control.

The future-proof ZkEVM

Empower your smart contracts with zkEVM - the future-proof innovation delivering unparalleled scalability, privacy, and interoperability.

  • Scalable Performance

    Achieve high throughput and low latency with the zkEVM, enabling efficient execution of smart contracts at scale.

  • Enhanced Privacy

    Safeguard sensitive data and user confidentiality with the zkEVM's advanced zero-knowledge proof technology.

  • Future-Ready Innovation

    Stay ahead of the curve with the zkEVM's cutting-edge features and capabilities, paving the way for next-generation blockchain applications.

  • Seamless Interoperability

    Seamlessly integrate the zkEVM with existing blockchain networks, enabling cross-chain compatibility and interoperability.



Our Zero Knowledge Proof Blockchain process

The Ethereum blockchain faces several difficulties, such as long transaction processing times, high transaction costs, and constrained scalability. Due to these problems, layer 2 scaling solutions, such as zkEVM- that provide Ethereum-based decentralized applications (dApps) with notable enhancements in scalability, privacy, and security- are becoming more popular.

ZK-Rollups Development Process
  • Execution environment for compilation

    The zero-knowledge proof system can comprehend the EVM code since it is first compiled by us into a set of constraints. The execution environment, as its name suggests, is where zkEVM programs (smart contracts) are run. The zkEVM's execution environment works similarly to the EVM in that it inputs a new (final) state after taking into account the initial state and the current transaction.

  • Proof generation

    The prover creates proof with zero knowledge that the EVM code complies with the requirements without disclosing the code or any private information. The zero-knowledge proofs generated by the proving circuit serve to confirm the accuracy of the transactions computed in the execution environment. The pre-state, transaction inputs, and post-state data are used as inputs to complete the proof creation process. The prover then receives a clear demonstration of the validity of that specific state transition.

  • Verification

    Without knowing the EVM code or any other private information, the verifier examines the reliability of the evidence. ZK-rollups send verification requests for their validity proofs to a smart contract running on the Ethereum L1 chain. The verifier contract also receives the input (pre-states and transaction data) and output (final states). The verifier then performs calculations on the proof that has been supplied and verifies that the outputs that have been delivered were appropriately computed from the inputs.

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Why choose us for ZK-Rollup scaling solution and services?

By storing transaction data in bundled-up batches on-chain and shifting processing and state off-chain, Codzeros zk-rollups services can provide greater blockchain scalability. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from our zk-rollup services.

Layer-1 state maintenance

The base layer typically affects data accessibility, settlement, and censorship resistance for Zk-rollups. Our Web 3.0 developers can monitor the state of the roll-up by tracking smart contracts put on the layer-1 network.

Off-chain computation

Zk-rollups improve scalability since they only require us to provide periodic provision of valid bundled-up transaction batches that are carried out by utilizing off-chain processing, as opposed to requiring the posting of all transaction data on-chain.

Merkle tree computation

Blockchains use the Merkle Tree mathematical structure to make sure that no one can alter the on-chain records of a zk-rollup. We are aware of how to use Merkle trees to keep track of accounts and balances.

Rapid confirmation times

Block confirmations on the base layer, which could take several minutes or hours depending on the state of the network, no longer need to be awaited by users. On the layer-2 chain, we can fetch rapid feedback and finality.

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