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Whitepapers are meant for problem-solving, not self-promotion.

Many writers treat whitepapers as company portfolios, resulting in lengthy promotional content that fails to address any problems. Our approach is focused on designing whitepapers with a 'design to solve' mindset.

Whitepapers should be technical, devoid of jargon.

While white papers are inherently technical, excessive use of jargon hinders their problem-solving functionality. We simplify the language to ensure clarity.

Whitepapers are white papers, but they are so much more.

In conversational language and in general reference they are whitepapers, but in functionality, they are reports that conclude with solutions. We prefer that for a professional tone.

There is no industry-standard length, but a generally accepted range.

We do not adhere to a standard format, allowing each whitepaper to be unique. An essay typically ranges around 1000 words, while a novella spans around 7000 words. We aim for 2000 to 4000 words based on the project

A whitepaper is intertwined with the brand.

Unlike most whitepaper services that use pre-existing templates, we ensure the whitepaper aligns with the associated brand's identity, making it a valuable touchpoint for the company.

Always cite your claims.

In order to make an impact, sometimes we tend to throw in statements that might be slightly exaggerated. We meticulously fact-check and ensure claims are supported by proof.

Write for the reader with future extensibility.

A whitepaper should have a conversational tone and a personalized approach for potential readers, while being adaptable for future readers.

Avoid overcomplication.

Our approach prioritizes clarity, conciseness, and correctness in design, language, format, and calls to action. SEO integration is applied within reasonable limits.