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Codezeros is a Blockchain Development company based in USA, Dubai and India.  We have delivered advanced blockchain solutions to clients across the globe. Our experience and knowledge in blockchain software development allows us to deliver custom & private blockchain development solutions for applications used in various industries.

Our range of blockchain development services includes decentralized currency, ICO development, Smart Contracts, Dapps Development, Wallet Development Cryptocurrency Development and other blockchain based development solutions.

As we move forward with blockchain technology, we realize that there are infinite applications of a decentralized and distributed internet. In fact, it is closer to how the internet was supposed to be at its conception. Now, with blockchain technology, it is possible to create applications that have no middle-men or centralized entity regulating the transaction. It is, alternatively, done by an entire network of computers in a blockchain. Distributing data over a large network makes your information anonymous and permanent. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

How we work

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Codezeros exclusively works on unique ideas in the emerging technology sector. So when you come to us with an idea, we sit with you, and together we define the project goal, objectives, scopes, risks, timescale as well as the approach. 

We will communicate all the details and resolve the differences of opinion before starting the project to make sure we are on the same page. Although it is tempting to start working immediately, a comprehensive planning of the project increases the probability of its success.

With a proper understanding of the purpose, Codezeros initiates the operation while keeping a clear focus on the logic and the idea throughout. The developers at Codezeros are the unsung heroes in every project. Working with a continuous feedback loop through regular knowledge gathering and a transparent work environment, we identify the precise end-point for the project and deliver the promised products or services according to your satisfaction.

We, at Codezeros, treat each project as our own. So, after the delivery, we will still be there to support you and provide the maintenance required for your project.

Use Cases

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Entire governments will be impacted by blockchain in the near future.

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Blockchain can help store data more effectively for research.

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The very concept of currency has been transformed by the Bitcoin.

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Blockchain can be leveraged to create health databases that are universal in nature.

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Supply chain

The supply chain industry has become much more complex and cumbersome.

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