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About Cardano

Cardano is an open-source blockchain that is subjected to rigorous 'peer review' by researchers, scientists, and subject matter experts. Businesses benefit from a knowledgeable community of academic programmers with Cardano blockchain development, making it a viable network. Cardano was the first blockchain to implement Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus.

The PoS network, also known as the Ouroboros protocol, works with validators who ensure its integrity. Cardano blockchain development services pave the way for the production of fungible and non-fungible tokens on its blockchain, which offers multi-asset capabilities, scalability, interoperability, and a secure environment for token development.


Our Cardano Development Services

We are a Cardano blockchain development company that specializes in creating decentralized applications on the Cardano blockchain that are fast, scalable, safe, and completely customized.

Cardano Wallet Development

Create Cardano wallets that let you transact, store, and delegate ADA and other custom tokens. You may run a full blockchain node with the Daedalus wallet, making your Cardano blockchain totally secure and visible. Daedalus makes use of the Cardano blockchain's safety and security, as well as cryptography and encryption, to keep private keys secure.

Cardano dApp Development

We create dApps with the highest levels of security, scalability, and functionality. On Cardano, we also create financial, social, and high-stakes decentralized applications. Codezeros can assist in the development of high-performance dApps on Cardano for a wide range of use cases in industries and sectors such as finance, academics, supply chain, real estate, and others.

Cardano Smart Contract Development (Plutus)

Our web 3.0 engineers have proficiency in Plutus, the Haskell-based programming interface at the heart of Cardano smart contract development. We can provide on-demand support in designing contract logic for transparent network policy and governance. We represent your financial instruments as smart contracts on the blockchain using Plutus smart contracts.

Cardano Token Development

Codezeros provides full-stack ADA token development services to enable peer-to-peer transactions in a wide range of business cases. Our demonstrated competence in tokenization aids in the faster launch of dApps.We can assist you with tokenizing native assets on the Cardano platform. This allows you to create unique tokens that interact with Cardano without the use of a smart contract.

Cardano NFT Marketplace

Make the most of Cardano NFT development by building your own blockchain-based NFT marketplace. Cardano is the ideal platform for building NFTs due to various characteristics such as security, verification, transaction speed, and so on. With smart contract creation, appropriate UI design, feature integration, auditing, client testing, and marketplace launch, our Cardano blockchain solutions may assist your company in establishing a successful NFT marketplace.

Cardano Web 3.0 Application

To expand your business, create a Web 3.0 application on one of the most decentralized networks. The next-generation World Wide Web will be characterized by settings that are trust-based and without permission for everyone. The Cardano blockchain offers strong support for Web 3.0 apps. The Cardano blockchain will help you if you wish to incorporate IoT technology into your business since it facilitates the establishment of metaverses. On the Cardano blockchain, several Web 3.0 capabilities are supported, which over time will be advantageous to your company.



Haskell is an algebraic functional programming language that permits the generation of secure smart contracts for deployment on a decentralized network such as Cardano. It was built from the bottom up to be highly modular, type-safe, and stateless, enabling the development of massive decentralized systems. Cardano blockchain solutions like smart contracts and Marlowe, the domain-specific language for financial smart contracts, are written in Haskell. Cardano's on-chain and off-chain codes are also written in Haskell.

Industries We Cater

The Cardano network has been doing well in the cryptocurrency market. You can hire Cardano developers for the following industrial use cases.



Why choose us as a Cardano
blockchain development company?

Codezeros is a well-known Cardano development company that offers a comprehensive spectrum of Cardano development services to companies of all kinds.

Multi-chain connectivity

Hiring us to design your Cardano-powered solution ensures seamless access to different chains with no security worries, compatibility barriers, or interoperability challenges.

Impenetrable security

We can create Cardano-based applications with extremely robust and secure architecture, providing your users with unrivalled protection and safety in the ecosystem.

Rapid prototyping

Our grasp over Haskell gives us quick and frictionless Cardano blockchain app development abilities. We build modular applications so its easier to isolate code and test.

Guaranteed interoperability

Cardano-based platforms are intrinsically compatible with other EVM blockchains as well as Ethereum. As a result, your platform gains improved cross-platform capabilities.

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