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Codezeros: Optimistic Layer 2 Scaling Solution

As an extension to Ethereum, Optimism enables users and developers to benefit from its strong security guarantees while being cheaper and faster. Codezeros can assist your business with optimistic rollups that are more advantageous than zero knowledge rollups, enabling your users to withdraw funds back to the underlying chain. We can serve optimistic rollups that use external validators to check the ‘Merkle roots’ for fraudulence. Our optimistic rollup services are much more generalist and offer native support for smart contracts allowing us to launch apps much easier.


Our Optimistic
Rollups Development

As the number of users on the Ethereum blockchain network booms, the framework reaches certain capacity limitations. Codezeros offers businesses Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) to help users easily invoke and manage rollups on a use-case basis. Our optimistic rollups help cut down the cost of using the network, with the main goal of scalability to increase transaction speed and throughput, without compromising decentralization or security.

On-chain contracts

Codezeros can also help miners on your blockchain network confirm and store real-time on-chain transactions. The onus is on us to update the network and disseminate the same after transactions are added to the ledger. The transparent nature of blockchain and the public ledger, allows us to disburse secure transactions devoid of network congestions and high transaction fees.

Off-chain virtual machine

At Codezeros, we rely on optimistic rollups to enable the spreading of fixed costs across multiple transactions in each batch, to reduce fees for end-users. Off-chain virtual machine transactions require the agreement of both parties, with a third party serving as a validator. We can arrange for off-chain virtual machine transactions that are rapid and instantaneous, providing simplicity and variety sans third-party custodians.

L1/L2 interoperability

Although optimistic rollups are particular to the L2 layer, there are some use cases where interoperability with the L1 becomes a requirement. At Codezeros, the L1/L2 interoperability use cases are when enterprises need to build complex bridges, render governance over smart contracts on one chain that governs contracts on other chains, etc. We are also responsible for maintaining the priority queue in a censorship-resistant way to interact with ‘zkSync’.

Cross-chain contract

Codezeros can also help with cross-chain smart contracts, which are decentralized apps made up of various smart contracts spread over various blockchain networks but working together to form a single cohesive application. This new design paradigm is an important development in the multi-chain ecosystem and has the potential to give rise to totally new classes of smart contract use cases that make use of the distinct advantages of various layer-2 networks, sidechains, and blockchains.

Layer-2 scaling solution

To help your application scale, we provide Layer 2 optimizations for applications that handle transactions outside of the Ethereum Mainnet (layer 1) while utilizing the Mainnet's strong decentralized security paradigm. In order to maintain the user experience for specific sorts of dApps, it is our responsibility to make sure that transaction speeds are steady while the network is crowded. Most optimistic rollup protocols are built on one or more servers, also known as nodes, validators, operators, sequencers, block producers, or other similar terms.

Optimist NFT Services

With The Optimist NFT, you can express your individuality and create an on-chain identity using a fully customized digital avatar. Have you designed your own distinctive NFT avatar? Let us assist you in starting your on-chain journey. The ability to build an original avatar that captures your own personality and hobbies belongs to Optimist NFT.

Lightning-fast Ethereum L2 Blockchain Solutions

A layer 2 scaling technique called optimistic rollup scales Ethereum's transaction throughput and computing. The Optimistic Virtual Machine (OVM), which is fully compatible with the EVM, serves as the foundation of the scaling solution implementation. The first layer 2 scaling method that allows these capabilities is an optimistic rollup.

  • Usability:

    smart contracts at a fraction of the price and low latency transactions for the speed of a Web 2.0 experience.

  • Same smart contracts, APIs, and development tooling:

    Developers maintain the Ethereum developer experience, and maintain existing contracts when migrating

  • Money Lego$:

    seamless dApp and smart contract interoperability.


Our optimistic rollup
solutions Process

By off-chaining computation and data storage, we dispense optimistic rollups, a layer 2 (L2) structure that increases throughput and latency on Ethereum's foundation layer. The rest of our optimistic rollup process comprises the following steps:

optimistic rollup solutions Process
  • Initiating the rollup

    Users of the rollup must make a deposit into one of these smart contracts before an equivalent amount may be unlocked. Optimistic rollups let us control the communication between the L2 chain and the L1 blockchain (Ethereum) using smart contracts installed on Ethereum.

  • Issuing the rollup

    Users sign transactions on the rollup and send them to the sequencer, who is in charge of arranging and carrying out transactions. The sequencer compiles the batch of transactions into a block, verifies each transaction, and presents it to Ethereum as a single transaction.

  • Exiting the rollup

    We must now post the complete transaction data on the primary Ethereum execution layer to exit the rollup. This information is published on Ethereum Mainnet as "call data," which is cheaper than storing it in the Ethereum Virtual Machine's memory or storage (further reducing roll-up fees).



Why choose us for blockchain
Development Services?

The procedure for forking a cryptocurrency can be difficult, and it calls for careful consideration of many technical and practical aspects, including the governance structure, mining algorithm, and consensus mechanism.


We can deploy some settings and run rollups rapidly based on an SDK. To avoid reinventing the wheel, open-source rollups are preferable for SDK development.

Fraud proof

A claim that a state transition (i.e., transaction) is invalid and that the entire batch should be reversed as a result can be generated with our assistance.

State root generation

Despite their complexity, we help with the creation of state roots—which are kept in the rollup contract as a cryptographic commitment validating the rollup's status at various periods in time—which are key components of fraud proofs.

No trust assumptions

Increasing network capacity and latency without introducing trust assumptions is necessary for scaling Ethereum responsibly. Many scaling options, such as Layer 2 rollups, and sidechains, aim to achieve this.

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