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About Stellar

Stellar blockchain is a distributed ledger that is used to send digital money. It is an open-source network designed specifically for payments and asset issuance. Stellar allows you to produce, transmit, and exchange digital representations of any type of value, including US dollars, Argentine pesos, Bitcoin, real estate, and pretty much anything else. It is developed so that all of the world's financial systems may freely interact with one another on a single network.

Stellar Lumens, or XLM, are the primary token of the Stellar blockchain. The Stellar blockchain has a consensus method that is quicker, less expensive, and more energy-efficient than Bitcoin's. Stellar, as a public network, has no owner; in fact, the public owns it. The program operates on a decentralized, open network and processes millions of daily transactions. Stellar, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, use blockchain to keep the network synchronized, but the end-user experience is more akin to cash – Stellar is significantly quicker, cheaper, and more energy-efficient than normal blockchain-based systems.


Our Stellar Blockchain Development Services

At Codezeros, we are professionals in delivering Stellar blockchain development services that are speedy, scalable, secure, and totally customized by leveraging the first-layer blockchain network.

Stellar Blockchain App Development

We create strong and secure Stellar apps that interface with all financial tools using Stellar's API server, Horizon, and several SDKs. By using our cost-effective and dependable Stellar development services, you may create Distributed Applications (dApp) that unleash corporate value. Hire Stellar developers to help with cross-border payment apps, micropayment services, and currency conversions. We can create sophisticated distributed applications, or DApps, to assist you in uncovering concrete and long-term value for your organization. We create DApps with your diverse and dynamic business demands in mind.

Stellar Blockchain API

An application programming interface (API) for blockchain allows developers to communicate with a blockchain. Developers may use a blockchain API to access the data and functionality of a blockchain without having to construct their own blockchain platform. Horizon is an API that allows you to interface with the Stellar network. The Horizon API is used to provide a bridge between programs and Stellar Core. Horizon is used by projects like wallets, decentralized exchanges, and asset issuers to submit transactions, check an account balance, and feed events such as transactions to an account.

Stellar Consulting Services

Using Codezeros cost-effective Stellar consultation services, you can gain access to the best industry experts to accelerate your blockchain and FinTech software development. We have a strong conceptual foundation for creating customized Stellar-based blockchain solutions. We excel at Stellar FinTech app development and implementation consultation and blueprint design based on experience, with an emphasis on operational efficiency. We offer strategic counsel and support to help you maximize the potential of Stellar blockchain technology for the benefit of your business.

Stellar Token Development

Codezeros is in charge of creating bespoke tokens on the Stellar network that are compatible with any asset or money (digital or fiat). Stellar, as an open-source network, is excellent for handling payment systems. We can assist you with the production of bespoke tokens and currency transaction records. Our Stellar blockchain engineers create unique tokens that may track any commodity or money on the Stellar network. We provide Stellar-based token development services to create unique tokens for any asset, digital currency or envisioned use case, including STOs and ICOs.

Stellar P2P Lending

P2P lending software is a platform that directly links lenders and borrowers without the need of a traditional financial institution. It connects borrowers and lenders based on creditworthiness and loan criteria, and it allows the movement of cash between them. On the Stellar platform, we can create peer-to-peer lending apps that allow users to borrow and lend money without relying on a traditional financial institution to oversee transactions. These apps also enable direct, safe, and efficient communication between lenders and borrowers.

Stellar Design And Architecture Support

Our strategic management and design teams collaborate to provide all architectural help required for Stellar development or upgrade to satisfy your technical execution requirements. Our Stellar development professionals can help you design a solid technological architecture that meets your business goals. We provide the most dependable user interface frameworks and sturdy designs for consumer business models. This assists users in establishing a more robust foundation for their enterprises.

Stellar Wallet Development

A blockchain wallet is a digital safe, and we can develop a safe and secure wallet for your project based on our extensive knowledge. Using Stellar blockchain technology, we create wallets that act as a safe digital vault for users to keep their digital money. The feature-rich wallets will serve as a secure digital vault for customers' digital financial assets.

Stellar STO Development

Token offerings are a popular technique to generate funding for cryptocurrency-related products and services. Stellar Security Token Offerings (STOs) are a new type of security token that represents traditional legal ownership of physical assets. We can assist with the development and launch of security token offerings, which are a unique combination of digital tokens, security tokens, and traditional equities. We can also assist with the development and implementation of Stellar-based token offerings, which are the cryptocurrency industry's equivalent of an IPO.


Go Lang

At Codezeros, we use GoLang for Stellar deployment. The syntax of GoLang is basic and clear. It's a joy to write efficient code using it. It is statically typed, which aids in error detection, facilitates code reading and comprehension, and makes efficient code unmistakable. GoLang is an alternative to OOP. Functions are handled as first-order objects in GoLang, and they may be supplied as arguments and utilized as data types. In the Go programming language, there are no classes, but there are data structures with methods. Another advantage of GoLang is that it is compatible with parallel processing. Finally, it has a large standard library.

Industries We Cater

Codezeros offers cutting-edge Stellar blockchain development solutions for the following industrial sectors.



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Engage a highly skilled Stellar development team to design cutting-edge blockchain solutions customized to your project's requirements. For your company, our highly skilled workforce provides cutting-edge solutions based on the Stellar blockchain.

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We have been able to create a global payment system with lower rates and faster transaction speeds than banks thanks to our understanding of the Stellar blockchain platform.

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Our Stellar Web 3.0 offering enables a worldwide payment system with quicker transaction speeds and cheaper rates than banks.

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Our developers use the agile technique, which allows them to develop Stellar-based solutions on the fly, for a variety of use cases.

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We are a reputable Stellar blockchain development business that uses the best coding and development practices to ensure data privacy and security.

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