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Are you looking for services for blockchain consensus forking? A blockchain fork is a phenomenon in technology that happens when it divides into two distinct branches. In plain language, a blockchain fork is when the code is copied and modified to produce a new piece of software or item. Cryptocurrency fork development is becoming more necessary as technology is applied to more business sectors. At Codezeros, we are responsible for how businesses get to fork an existing blockchain when the community fails to reach a unanimous decision.


Our Blockchain Fork

A fork happens whenever a community makes a change to the blockchain’s protocol or basic set of rules. At Codezeros, it is our task to examine the most effective intentional forking methods. In the case of soft forks, we help maintain the forward compatibility of blocks. In the case of hard forks, it is our job to upgrade the new blocks/nodes created under new rules.

Consensus Forking Services

The simplest explanation of the Blockchain consensus method is that it is a process that allows all of the peers in a Blockchain network to agree on the distributed ledger's current real-time state. A consensus process helps the blockchain network to achieve dependability, establish a level of trust among various nodes, and maintain environmental security. When there is a fork in the consensus, a new consensus protocol that specifies how nodes in a certain blockchain must communicate is developed. With consensus forking, Codezeros may assist your company in avoiding consensus mechanism failures.

Blockchain Forking Services

In essence, a blockchain fork is a break in an existing blockchain. Both soft and hard forks can be handled by blockchain experts at Codezeros. The network will stay unchanged, but all present nodes must be updated to the new rules through the use of soft forks, which aim to introduce functional changes. Typically, a hard fork produces a new, specialised coin. The procedure for forking a cryptocurrency can be difficult, and it calls for careful consideration of many technical and practical aspects, including the governance structure, mining algorithm, and consensus mechanism.

Crypto Forking Services

Are you interested in creating your own cryptocurrency but unsure of how to fork an existing one? Do not be alarmed; Codezeros can assist your company with cryptocurrency forking. We can assist with forking the wallet, mining pool, coin source, and coin core, among other things. We specialize in secure cryptocurrency forking so that the miners can continue to protect the network and the nodes that support transaction validation without the network becoming exposed to any form of assault. It is our responsibility to make sure that all miners and holders of your cryptocurrency are using the most recent protocol software.


Our consensus forking

Allow Codezeros to help put your blockchain community’s most tech-savvy foot forward. We can help onboard your community to the forking process and ensure a seamless transition.

Consensus Forking Process
  • Developing the proposal

    We evaluate, blueprint, implement, and finally deploy the custom-conceived update to enable the hard or soft forking of cryptocurrency blockchains into two or more ecosystems.

  • Community feedback & consensus

    We can design and implement a forking solution on the chosen platform while taking crucial considerations like community feedback, algorithm, security, smart contracts, and legal compliance into mind.

  • Implementation & post-fork maintenance

    As both chains evolve post-forking, Codezeros' developers help with continuous integration & delivery automation, server configuration management, deployment of code updates to distant servers, etc.

In a decentralized mechanism, the most significant reform is of the consensus model

The laissez-faire approach has not only transformed industries and economies, but it is also applicable in technology, especially the decentralized blockchain technology. We are here to make it competent.



The creation of blockchain as a decentralized technology is the result of forking. Bitcoin, the oldest codebase is open-source, without any central power controlling it. The biggest characteristic of blockchain is that it is a decentralized technology. By design, it is public- anyone can take part. Imagine when our blockchain architects do it.



Anyone could take the bitcoin protocol to fork it and launch a custom P2P currency. We just do it professionally. After the development of a lot of altcoins, the scope of such forks was realized to be much wider and today, forking has use cases beyond bitcoin.



Blockchain technology's decentralized nature has enabled it for a laissez-faire approach; with the open-source code. All forks at the core are just changes in the underlying protocol but what differentiates various forks is the radicality of changes. Our expertise is in both- radical and conventional.

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The procedure for forking a cryptocurrency can be difficult, and it calls for careful consideration of many technical and practical aspects, including the governance structure, mining algorithm, and consensus mechanism.

Seamless consensus forking

We can fork a cryptocurrency successfully but doing so necessitates careful consideration of a number of technical and pragmatic aspects, including the consensus method, mining algorithm, and governance structure.

Resources experienced in crypto forking

Our extensive skill pool of experts can help you improve your product, suggest the best technological approach, strategy, even help with security, algorithm design, and chain deployment.

Consensus and community assistance

To ensure the success of your fork, we are here to provide functionality, fix security concerns, and help settle community consensus disagreements regarding the direction of the cryptocurrency.

Transactional record-keeping

You can focus on the consensus, algorithm, and direction of the new crypto, as our Web 3.0 specialists continue to keep tabs on the transactional history long after the fork has been completed.

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