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Arbitrum's scaling solutions offer quicker speeds at a substantially reduced cost while maintaining the same level of security as Ethereum. Arbitrum is a safe network with lower gas prices since it is based on Ethereum's Layer 1 (L1) security. Arbitrum is dependable, inexpensive, and extremely quick. While the Ethereum blockchain can handle 14 transactions per second, Arbitrum can handle around 40,000 transactions per second. While Ethereum transactions might cost many dollars, Arbitrum transactions only cost a few cents.

This is due to the L2 Ethereum-focused scaling solution that uses optimistic rollups to function similarly to Ethereum but with significantly cheaper transactions and significantly faster processing. Arbitrum enables developers to design smart contracts by specifying the behavior of a virtual machine (VM) that implements the contract's functionality using code. Arbitrum can also be used by developers to significantly improve scalability and privacy. Offchain Labs developed Arbitrum. Arbitrum's original governance token is ARB.


Our Arbitrum Development Services

We are an Arbitrum technology solutions provider that specializes in building decentralized apps on the Arbitrum blockchain that are fast, scalable, secure, and totally customized.

Arbitrum Bridges

Blockchain or Crypto bridges function similarly to actual bridges, except instead of linking physical locations, they connect digital ecosystems. These bridges may transfer both information and assets between the blockchains they connect. We can help your enterprise build Arbitrum bridges that lower transaction fees, take advantage of other dApps and opportunities on different blockchains, and explore other blockchain ecosystems.

Arbitrum dApps

We offer dApp development services to assist startups and corporations in developing scalable and resilient decentralized apps that run on peer-to-peer networks. We turn concepts into scalable and dependable Arbitrum decentralized applications. We have customized our methodology to reflect the continuing blockchain industry developments based on our expertise in establishing 100+ digital platforms for clouds, applications, and blockchain enterprises.

Arbitrum NFT Marketplace

We provide NFT marketplace services that let customers create a feature-rich NFT marketplace on the Arbitrum blockchain networks. Our services include NFT creation, storefront exploration, wallet integration, bid placement, and NFT storage. We provide feature-rich NFT marketplaces that enhance consumers' trading experiences with numerous security levels. Tokenizing assets by designing and issuing new Arbitrum tokens with high-end functionality is one of our NFT development services.

Arbitrum DAO Networks

DAO blockchain development is a low-cost solution to the problems that traditional centralized enterprises confront. This means that a DAO is controlled equally by all project members, and all essential decisions are made collaboratively by them. We can assist with the construction of Arbitrum DAOs managed by organizations or individuals.

Arbitrum Wallet

Arbitrum decentralized crypto wallets are created for Blockchain projects, DEXs, Defi Trading, and Investment platforms. We deploy wallets as Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps, and Web Browser Extensions for the convenience of end customers. We design, install, and launch your Arbitrum cryptocurrency wallet with specialized features such as keyless wallets with face biometrics, multi-coin support, a QR scanner, cross-platform compatibility, automated conversion rates, and much more.

Arbitrum Lending Pools

Codezeros can assist in the construction of Arbitrum lending pools, which allow users to lend and borrow various cryptocurrency tokens without the necessity of a centralized middleman. Lending pool protocols enable any Arbitrum holders to lend their digital assets to other users. This means that anybody may benefit from the ability to charge interest (and hence create passive income) when loans are returned by individuals who borrow your cryptocurrency.

Arbitrum DeFi Development

We create safe, scalable, and resilient Arbitrum DeFi solutions for a wide range of businesses. Our full-cycle DeFi development services span a wide spectrum of highly sought-after DeFi solutions, from dApps and wallets to DEXs and tokens. We create completely autonomous smart contracts to assist in the verification or execution of Arbitrum-related financial transactions, settlements, or agreements without the involvement of other parties.

Arbitrum Stablecoins

Utilize our Arbitrum stablecoin development services to produce stablecoins and help users in avoiding the hazards associated with crypto volatility. We tailor our Arbitrum crypto token development strategy to your individual needs, ensuring that your project benefits from our deep subject expertise and stablecoin development experience. We are professionals in creating fiat-backed, crypto-currency-backed, commodity-backed, and non-collateralized stablecoins. In addition, our team develops multi-collateral stablecoins with decentralized governance.



The Ethereum Network team created Solidity, an object-oriented, statically-typed curly-braces programming language, for creating smart contracts that interact with Ethereum. Solidity is developing quickly for a language that is still relatively new. The development team strives for one breaking release per year and a regular (non-breaking) release per month. Smart contracts, which execute business logic and produce a chain of transaction records in the blockchain system, are made using Solidity. It serves as a tool for writing machine-level code that is then compiled on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
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Arbitrum has been performing well in the cryptocurrency market. Our Arbitrum developers can build you Arbitrum blockchain-based products for the following industrial use cases.



Why choose us as an Arbitrum
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Codezeros is a well-known Arbitrum development service provider that can give your business a wide range of Arbitrum development services. There are benefits to hiring Codezeros, such as:

Simplified workflow

Our Arbitrum DeFi solutions eliminate the need for middlemen, allowing for direct transactions between participants.

Reduced transaction cost

Peer-to-peer transactions between participants take place at a lower transaction cost thanks to our innovative blockchain product architecture.

Focus on innovation

The open, permissionless, and programmable architecture of Arbitrum enables the development of financial services and instruments that fulfill the demands of users.

Improved security

Our Arbitrum blockchain product design offers tamper-proof, secure, and auditable data, putting consumers at ease.

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