20 Sep 2019

    How to Write Excellent Whitepapers for Your ICO


    Businesses and startups require a source or a document to convince potential customer and buyer to purchase their products and services.

    People use documents, presentations, PDF files as a tool to describe their products and services to the prospects. Well, whitepaper is also a prominent framework to showcase products and services to customers.

    The whitepaper is an extended form of document which has 25 to 30 pages to describe a particular idea, concept and eventually convert more customers to potential clients.

    From its explanation, it might seem that it is like a brochure to showcase a product. The Well, the modern whitepaper solutions are more sophisticated approach that cover an idea in detail, explains concept or problem and provides a real-time solution.

    The whitepaper is written by the issuing authority, which is the company or enterprise that is providing a solution. For technology related startups and businesses, whitepapers help a lot in attracting more investors.

    In the area of cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings, modern white paper solutions may give you a standalone authorised document that conveys people to invest in the ICO.

    Each company has its agenda, and so has an objective to implement blockchain in the real world and solve problems.

    Today, there are thousands of altcoins available and each of them represent different ideas and companies.

    So how do people know about the objective behind each altcoin and the respective organization since all of them are providing the same or similar solutions.

    Thus, the blockchain whitepaper is a reliable resource to know what and how a company will explain its vision and the structure of its ICO.

    Whitepapers for ICO also provide a market cap, number of initial coins and the overall budget so that people can determine the evaluation of the potential investment accordingly.

    But, it could be really overwhelming for companies or writers who are not acquainted with writing whitepapers. And that is why I am going to show you today, how to write excellent whitepapers for ICO.


    In the first step, the introduction of the whitepaper, you would be welcoming the readers and providing them with necessary information about the document.

    Make sure to include the objective behind the whole document and mention that the investment does not imply profits. If you are focusing on geographical location or certain countries where ICOs are not allowed, you can mention that too.

    You can also show the legal proceedings and laws of particular countries to convey to a specific demographic group.

    Table of Contents

    As already said, the whitepaper would be 25 pages long and might involve complex technical topics. So, it must be easy to navigate for users of any kind.

    Table of content, as the name goes, will cover the index of the whitepaper. You can mention the topics and list out all the sub-categories and essential titles that users would see inside the report.

    Problem Description

    Now, from this section, the real art begins. You need to show the potential investors the real-time problem that persists in the market.

    This problem will be the foundation of all the activities and projects that you are doing in the company.

    You can mention relevant resource in the problem statement to show the credibility of your claims.

    Remember, the problem statement is going to spike the interest in the users. If your problem is prevalent and accurately described, users would feel connected and create a positive mental image of your business.

    Introduce the Product

    Describing the product is critical. Because it should not sound too pretentious or flashy to the potential buyers.

    Show future investors how the product is going to fit in the real world.

    Co-relate the problem with the product and mention the capability of your product to cope with the issue.

    This area also requires you to mention whether the product is ready-to-use. It might happen that you are currently developing the product, or the prototype is ready, or the update is necessary.

    So, it clearly mentions the state of the product, and interested people can have a clear idea about it.

    Identifying the problem and writing it comprehensively is excellent. But you also need to show the credibility of your idea or the product to make people tick.

    If your product does not sound trustworthy, all the claims and problem statement are mere words with no authenticity.

    You need to show the potential investors anything awesome about your product that sticks to their attention and instantly convince them to get the ICOs.

    If you can share any case study or the data about the project, or mention your experience related to the idea, it would work like a charm.

    So, pay more attention towards describing your product, idea, service or concept to the potential investors through the whitepapers.

    Everything about Tokens

    In this section, explain the requirement of the tokens in your project. What is the purpose of providing ICOs in the first place?

    Mention how tokens are going to streamline the project execution and how investors will be benefited in due time.

    Moreover, you also have to mention how many tokens are being provided. Then, clearly say any relevant time frame like after how many weeks, or days, investors can have their tokens in their digital wallets.

    Also mention how would you, as a company, would invest the funds of the investors. What is the revenue model and the company plans to invest the money of the investors?

    You can also mention the starting market cap and give your prediction about the coins future price in the market, period.


    Let’s face it. Almost nobody is going to invest in the project which does not have a talented team. A random project manager is not going to grab more investor’s attention for your project.

    So, mention the team and people involved in building the project. Talk about their personal accomplishments, their past commercial experiences and their vision in this project.

    Also, clearly mention their roles and responsibilities in the project and why they are the perfect fit for the designation.

    Including board of directors and advisors are also suggested if you have them.


    While concluding, share your commitments and how you are planning to grow the product and the project to the next level.

    It should sound achievable not some random commitments that turn people off.

    Conclusion - Flow of the Whitepaper

    The whitepaper should contain academic-level language. It has to be descriptive and convincing for the readers.

    While covering future use-cases of the project, don’t forget to add how you are planning to execute ongoing tasks of the product development.

    Again, try to use fewer assumptions and include factual content in your whitepaper to make it reliable.

    Let us know in the comments how do you format your whitepaper to communicate with potential investors.

    As a matter of fact, we are also providing ICO whitepaper writing services which could give you a persuasive document to attract more investors.

    Contact us today to learn more about how our experienced writers can help you with modern whitepaper solutions.

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