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The engine, satellites, and servers providing extensive, action-based rapid prototyping.

The world’s new financial system- as they like to call it, Stellar is a framework that will revolutionize how online payments work. This new financial banking system furnishes distributed ledger technology creation with remittances, mobile agency branching, mobile money, micropayments, and cost-cutting for the underbanked. Stellar banks on their uniqueness that it connects banks, payment systems, and people, integrated to move money quickly, reliably and at almost nullified costs. To quote them, “The stellar consensus protocol is a federated model for internet-level consensus.”

Our Process

Requirement Analysis
On receiving the project, we run analysis to determine if this framework is perfect or would another blockchain development framework suits better. This ensures optimum results for your project and for the blockchain developers to deliver their best.

Architecture & Design
We call our blockchain developer, our blockchain architects because they are ready to build custom solutions for your business needs. We determine the flow and architecture of your requirement to design a solution that is best for you.

Application Development
This is where we start developing the blockchain custom to your needs with full integration of the application flow and features of your technology.

After required testing environment deployment and production deployment, finally, we go live.

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