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R3 Corda

Fair access, finality in seconds, proven security, regulated, and stable.

This framework provides DLT integration with blockchain, yet it is different from other blockchain frameworks like Ethereum and Hedera Hashgraph. It is a DLT to be used to keep a shared ledger of transactions. This helps to avoid the need for involved parties of a transaction to repeatedly check if their books are tallying after every interaction. This remains one but a significant provision of Corda out of the many distributed ledger technology services that these frameworks provide to businesses. Our dedicated blockchain developers are equipped with the knowledge to provide you with the custom solutions you need.

Corda is an open-source blockchain project that allows us to design and develop in the open development environment. With blockchain technology and smart contract, Corda cuts down on the record-keeping costs while streamlining business operations. We can help you build an interoperable blockchain network or application that transacts directly.

What we offer:

Corda Consulting
Our Corda blockchain development team can provide you with strategic consulting regarding the implementation of Corda for your business. Our developers can identify if your solution can benefit from Corda platform by assessing your requisites.

Smart Contract development
Our Blockchain Developers have deployed many smart contracts for blockchain solutions. Our Corda based smart contract developers enable you to make easy blockchain-based transactions.

Regulated Token
Corda has been positioned to support the token economy in a regulated and secure way. Taking leverage of this, we help businesses raise funds by creating regulated tokens for startups and enterprises through this framework.

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