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Decentralized, open-source, accessible, controls digital value and runs dApps

Intending to build an internet where your data remains yours, they envision a ‘world computer’ where a decentralized model enables you to store user data on nodes instead of centralized servers. Ethereum is a big stepping stone towards a truly permanent web movement and against centralization, the ‘original sin’ of the internet. Many years into its launch, it still remains the first choice of most blockchain developers.

Blockchain is usually associated with bitcoin. This, although partially true, needs an update since it is a very small part of blockchain and has allowed blockchain to evolve way beyond the original seed that bitcoin was. One of the best examples of this growth is Ethereum. It is a foundation of the new era internet.

Ethereum, like other blockchains has its native cryptocurrency called ether, and can be used to make digital payments anywhere globally. The way it decentralizes is that Ether is not owned by any government or a private entity. But that does not remain the only outcome of Ethereum as a development framework, Ethereum also makes internet decentralized through a neutral, open-access infrastructure.

Since it is a programmable blockchain, we can build apps on the platforms. These apps are decentralized- added benefits from blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. These dApps are not controlled by a single entity giving the power of their data back to the users.

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