09 Oct 2019

    Everything You Need to Know About B2B Whitepapers


    Initially, political parties used to leverage whitepapers to convey their agendas and plan for development.

    Today, modern whitepaper solutions are leveraged by tech companies and startups to showcase their ideas and products to potential buyers.

    If you have come across B2B whitepapers and want to create one for your company, you should know the basics of this document to use it properly.

    And that is why, today, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about modern whitepaper solutions.

    Whitepapers are Purposeful

    By the sense of the term ‘whitepaper’ if you think that it would be a tedious and extended document which sound like academic report with technical jargon and complex language; then, you are mistaken.

    The whitepapers are taken seriously and sometimes only reference whenever a B2B business deal is at stake.

    Whitepapers serve a specific purpose, and it is not a free newspaper that millions of people read. So, the context, even though it is too technical, should be understood by the right audience.

    For companies and startups, whitepapers work as a tool to convince of potential buyers or investors to invest funds and become a part of the organization.

    So if you do it properly, modern whitepaper solutions can revolutionize the condition of your business by bringing more businesses.

    It can put your business way ahead in the competition if your whitepaper is comprehensive.

    Whitepapers Have a Flow

    B2B whitepapers is not a lousy document of 30 pages by writing random paragraphs and copied relevant content from the internet.

    An excellent whitepaper has a flow to describe an idea, a product, a company or a service persuasively.

    It will cover the relevant problem of the market and provide a solution to the problem. It will tell the reader how the issuing authority aspires to solve a real-time problem through their product or service.

    Build a Reputation

    They say ‘the first impression is the last impression’. Especially in the business vertical, if you fail to deliver stunning first impression to your potential buyers, they would less likely to do business with you.

    Therefore, it is essential for your business to appear as an authoritative entity. To make it dependable, you need a channel where you can showcase your skills to the right people at the right time.

    Through Blockchain White Paper Writing or the B2B whitepaper writing service, you can build a solid brand reputation.

    You can show thought leadership by showing skills with relevant proof. You can back your claims with relevant numbers, illustrations and graphs to prove that you know what you are talking about in the whitepapers.

    Generate Leads

    To create business with other businesses, you need to connect with them first.

    You can go for online marketing or offline marketing channels, the ultimate objective is to communicate with maximum relevant people on a personal level.

    You would be able to grab more leads and more information about potential buyers through whitepapers. Three out of four buyers would happily share their information with a business in exchange for a whitepaper.

    You can leverage website pop-ups to ask for an email address and phone numbers in exchange of sharing whitepapers to email.


    Do let us know your views on B2B whitepapers and how you use this tool at your disposal to generate business in your industry.

    Also share your comments about what do you think about the ideas shared in this article about B2B whitepapers.

    For your ICO or Blockchain project, if you are looking for B2B cryptocurrency whitepaper writing services, you can get in touch with us and we would love to help you.

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