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Rag BrahmbhattJul 2, 2018

If you are active on the Internet, you must be bombarded with articles like “Best Cryptocurrency Wallets”, “Top 10 Cryptocurrency Wallets”, “Top Cryptocurrency Wallets of 2018”, etc. whether you own cryptocurrencies or not. Now you must be wondering what cryptocurrency wallets are? How do these wallets work?

You must be aware of the cryptocurrencies. No? Don’t worry. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. It uses cryptography to ensure the security of the transactions and check the creation of new units. Today, cryptocurrencies are used in all types of operations ranging from big business deals to even buying pizza.

So cryptocurrencies are just like physical currencies. You store your physical currency in your leather wallet. So where will you store your cryptocurrencies? The answer to that question is a Cryptocurrency Wallet. Without Cryptocurrency Wallets, usage of cryptocurrencies would be just a dream. Using cryptocurrency wallets, you can access, store, transfer and keep track of your cryptocurrencies. If you are planning to get into the market of digital currencies and acquire them, you might want to familiarize yourself with cryptocurrency wallets and how they work.

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software that can manage your multiple cryptocurrency accounts and also manages public and private keys of the account. It interfaces with different blockchain to enable users to monitor their balance, transfer money and manage other transactions. In a transaction of cryptocurrency wallet, there is no actual exchange of the cryptocurrency. So when a person sends you a particular cryptocurrency, the ownership of the coins is assigned to the address of your wallet. To unlock and spend the coins, the private key stored in your wallet needs to be matched to the public address assigned to the currency. Once they match, the balance in your wallet increases while the sender’s decreases. The action is signified by a transaction record on the blockchain and the difference in balance in your cryptocurrency wallet. So that’s how a cryptocurrency wallet works.

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