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Rag BrahmbhattJun 21, 2018

Currently, one of the buzzwords on the internet is “blockchain”. Thousands and thousands of articles have been written on the future of blockchain technology and the other related applications. One such application of blockchain is “DAPP”. Your mind might be full of questions like what is a DApp? What are the uses of DApps? Where can you learn about DApps? Well, take a deep breath because we are about to go on a learning journey of DApps.

So in order to understand DApps, you need to first understand the technology behind it-Blockchain. We have talked about blockchain technology in detail in one of our article previously.

The invention of Bitcoin was a pathbreaking one in a way to bring the paradigm shift in how we look at the software models, making us imagine a futuristic world running on decentralized applications (DApps). These applications will be distributed, flexible, open source and incentivized. There is no uncertainty about the performance of DApps and the remapping of the technological landscape which will be done by them.

There are no perfect definitions of DApps. But some of the noticeable features of DApps makes up for it. Dapps provides a way to connect users with each other completely discarding the middlemen. The open-sourceness of DApps makes the users in-charge of the changes and the codebase is available to all. All the records of the decentralized apps are stored on the decentralized and public blockchain. The cryptographic protocols used must be approved by the application community to show the proof of value.

At Codezeros, when we talk about DApps, we can not forget to mention Ethereum. The goal of Ethereum was to create an alternative protocol focused on decentralized applications that emphasise on security and scaling. The Ethereum makes the process of building blockchain decentralized applications not only easier but also much more efficient than ever before. Instead of building an entirely original blockchain for each new application, Ethereum enables the development of thousands of applications on one platform. With the usage of Solidity, Ethereum’s very own language, Ethereum empowers the developers to form smart contracts using EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). The expansion of Ethereum ecosystem will continue as Ethereum starts getting the attention from the mainstream radar.

As a developer, this is the perfect time to begin on the path of DApps and get yourself acquainted with Solidity. Using Ethereum’s Solidity, you will be able to write executable distributed contracts. With the current scenario, the opportunities in the blockchain industries will know no bound.

The main idea behind the blockchain technology is decentralization, which was the major focus behind the idea of the Internet. And we can clearly see what happened to that. The blockchain technology has some powerful implications for the future of many significant industries, politics as well as the individuals. No wonder the big corporations are running to secure their place in the blockchain industry. And DApp, being one of the most important applications of the blockchain, keeps on bringing more interesting uses of the blockchain. We are sure that the future of DApps is bright and can not wait to see what it brings on the table.

We hope you found this article interesting and informative. If you still have any queries, you can contact us or directly send a mail to for further inquiries regarding DApps or blockchain and share your ideas with us. Let’s get together and create a better future together.