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Work — SkyloovA bird’s eye view of real estate opportunities

Skyloov is an application that enables property trading by acting as a platform that connects owners, agents, buyers, sellers with the added element of a 360° view of the marketplace.

An initiative to change the way the world experiences properties

Skyloov is a portal that makes it convenient for businesses, buyers, sellers, traders, renters and brokers to run the market of property-related deals most efficiently while it uses state of the art technology that is designed to accelerate such transactions.

Accessible even from a mobile device, it will enable you to operate and evaluate the marketplace with just the touch of your fingertips. It is aimed to guide you through the available properties and it’s surroundings to help you find exactly what you want without physically having to evaluate each space.

There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because

Faster contact

You can contact the broker for any listing directly via Skyloov app which will redirect you to any platform that you want to connect with. Email, direct calling, and even WhatsApp messaging feature is made available from the application.

Comprehensive filtering

Skyloov not only matches but surpasses every ability that you get by visiting the property. These filters give you the ability to find properties to match your needs ranging from pricing, size, location, area all the way through the neighborhood, school zones, landmarks and much more.

User-centric navigation design

The app is designed keeping in mind the user journey. Any search category is not more than three clicks away. The multi-layered process starting from the listing and display of properties to contacting a broker, every step has been simplified to make the whole experience more convenient for all the parties involved.

Tech stack used
Universal serviceability

Real estate developers, brokerage companies, individual owners, renters, independent brokers, investors, everyone benefits from the platform. We have also developed a broker 360 app to make it easier for brokers to list properties on the portal.

A portal that is a real estate ecosystem

Each and every party in a real estate transaction can benefit from Skyloov. With a community approach, we have enabled a holistic platform for any user. The Skyloov 360 feature is transforming the real estate business into something as futuristic as it can be.