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Work — RFID GoldA platform which provides the user to invest in digitised gold. Using ERC1400 security token standard to create a transparent and secure solution.

Codezeros created the portal as well as drafted the smart contracts for this project. Involved in creating the complete solution.

Secure portal to buy gold

RFID provides the users with a safe and secure way to buy physical gold via digitised token. Each token is attached with physical gold that is stored in a bunker in Switzerland. Each token is based on a linear price increase permission.

Tech stack used
Stable coin based on physical asset

The solution gives users the benefit of buying physical gold without the hassle of managing the asset. As each token is attached to physical gold which is stored in a bunker in Switzerland, the user has extra security. As the no. of total tokens are fixed, once all of them will be minted will make the coin into a stable token.

Real Gold, Real Guarantee

Token emission process can never takes place before physical gold has been physically incorporated into the blockchain and the Admin will have to upload a document of verification before adding gold which is visible to all the users as it is uploaded on blockchain, which also means each token has full value without debt or leveraging.

Manage everything from one place

The Admin dashboard is created in a way where the Admin can manage everything from one place with simple and easy steps. The Admin can only access it via their wallet and thus making it more secure.