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Work — Crypto Derivative Token SolutionA derivative coin built with elastic supply which is based on an index of 10 high potential polkadot coins that reflects the market performance of its primary asset i.e Polkadot.

Codezeros developed the complete solution from scratch including the design, development and smart contracts. We created a one of a kind derivative token which was based on elastic supply protocol.

Rebase to achieve equilibrium

The token is built on elastic supply protocol which expands or contracts its total supply to achieve it’s target price. When the token’s supply is out of sync with the target price, it is adjusted via contracts to achieve equilibrium.

The Polkadot Index

The Polkadot Index is made up of 10 projects within the ecosystem. They have been chosen with the help of the client as providing a selection of more established projects alongside smaller projects earlier in their growth trajectory. To ensure an even balance between DOT and other coins, the DOT marketcap is only weighted to a level of 5% of its total.

A one of a kind token project that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain, allowing investors to be able to obtain exposure to the Polkadot Ecosystem without leaving the security and familiarity of Ethereum.