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An IDO platform built on BSC that adds liquidity on pancakeswap and locks that liquidity.

Omnia Markets

Data analytics platform utilizing the power of blockchain


A bespoke solution on Binance Smart Chain that provides the user multiple functionalities including swap, exchange, liquidity pools and IDO launchpad.

Crypto Derivative Token Solution

A derivative coin built with elastic supply which is based on an index of 10 high potential polkadot coins that reflects the market performance of its primary asset i.e Polkadot.


The BTC wallet to control your investments efficiently

Crypto-prediction Portal

A platform created for users to use their crypto prediction knowledge to earn APY.

Decentralised Autonomous Networking Platform

An autonomous networking platform which enables users to reward the partners in their matrix with the help of a self-executing algorithm.

DeFi based Lottery bond portal

An innovative yield generative DeFi platform conceptualised on one of the oldest and most popular financial instruments: lottery bonds.


A platform created for event managers and users alike to host and attend virtual events with the utmost ease. A simple, easy solution for creating and managing events.


A robust real estate listing platform where users can rent properties.

Decentralised portal for automated liquidity provision

A DEX (Decentralised Exchange) created to provide fast swapping for tokens which is based on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain with crosschain swap functionality.


A platform which provides the user to invest in digitised gold. Using ERC1400 security token standard to create a transparent and secure solution.

A blockchain based service marketplace

reBaked is a service marketplace where users can connect with other individuals and communities to collaborate on projects.


Blockchain-based application for the shipment system

Ethereum based DeFi Portal

A portal based on Ethereum which uses all the classic DeFi solutions like staking pools, liquidity pools, and NFTs.


The green strategy of enabling maritime transactions.


Your mantra for a life on the paths of spirituality.

IoT 4.0 Maintenance App

A platform that assists a job well done


A bird’s eye view of real estate opportunities


Be your own broker with Tario for stock trading


Renewable energy sector revolutionized by an asset‑based token


Enabling effortless cryptocurrency trade on a crypto wallet


Blockchain-based fiber exchange platform for international markets


World's first TrueUSD based cryptocurrency exchange

Authentic Heroes

Enabling rebirth of collectible clothing of sports heroes via blockchain


A platform for miners supplying real-time network analysis

Dove Network

Decentralized application based on the concept of decentralized internet

Photon Wallet

A bitcoin wallet designed to send, receive and store bitcoins


A wallet designed to switch between various exchanges frequently