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Economics of the token.

For the first time, the future of finance takes you into consideration

Behavior is one of the most difficult subjects to study- both human and financial. A token’s behavior involves both. The only difference is that one cannot predict human behavior entirely. Tokenomics advisory services are a step towards bettering the bad part of the token. It is usually defined as a self-funding mechanism for projects within the security token ecosystem.

In the crypto-realm, a token represents a financial instrument of value. With tokenomics, you get to calculate the worth of this value.

Web 3.0 will run on a fuel called decentralized economy.

This calls for a new economic model, tokenomics. Cryptocurrency, in a nutshell, is programmable money. This boils down to the fact that different tokens will behave differently. To top that, a token is not limited to one specific role. The security tokens ecosystem is valued at hundreds of billions of dollars, which keeps on varying.

To get a piece of this pie, you need to get ahead of the game and predict token behavior to get the best out of the token.

“Crypto tokens are assets that don’t behave in a traditional way, and this will probably result in the appearance of new economic models”

-Javier sebástián, principal economist at BBVA research’

You are the most important part of the crypto economy. DLT and tokenomics services have finally enabled ownership by giving you the power of valuing your own assets and how you do business with it.

The design of the role of a token, their distribution, governance, and monetary policy is tokenomics. Perfecting Value + Usage + Utility will give you a perfect token. The stone on which this perfection will happen is called tokenomics.

How is a token studied?


The tokenomics service includes studying the business structure of the token, how was the previous value derived, and on what economic principles it relies upon. This could be called the tokenomic whitepaper.


Later, the tokenomics advisor studies the pricing, vesting, waves, token launch schedule, velocity and valuation under the token economy model. Before we determine the value of a token, we understand why we are doing it. The reason remains at the center of token ecosystem creation.


Tokenomics doesn’t exclude your business. We then evaluate the financial feasibility of your business model. This includes an overall study of business expenses, incomes, cash flows, cap tables, and even DCF valuation. The relation between your business and your token is the most critical part of tokenomics.


Contingency plans are also a part of the plans. Finally, we produce realistic best-and-worst-case scenarios for your capital raise. This determines the potential value of your token closest to perfection.

Tokenomics for the Future

The token economy is still, unfortunately, running on assumptions and the best one of them is that marketing is used as a patchwork solution for every problem, devoid of the tokenomics ecosystem creation. Indeed, branding and marketing determine the success of your fundraising but a proper business model also includes tokenomics for a futuristic approach that will determine your success for years to come.

Instances from our portfolio

Dove Network — Decentralized application based on the concept of decentralized internet

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