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Finding angels made easier and more professional with digital assets built on blockchain.

Stay at the top of growth wave with quality token development.

Security tokens are just a more flexible version of regular securities, only more efficient. They are cryptographic tokens that pay interest and dividends or shares profits to token holders based on an asset like shares, real estate or bonds.

An enterprise or a startup will sell their digital asset- it’s cryptocurrency, to its investors and whomsoever supports the project financially. This sale of their cryptocurrency or a fraction of it will happen in a pre-decided currency form of USD, Euros or a cryptocurrency like bitcoin. This process will be followed by whitepaper creation and a pitch deck. Later on, after tokenomics of the cryptocurrency and smart contracts, a pre-STO landing page is created. This process comprises of STO solutions that we provide.

Where your idea comes into being. Without funds, no idea can materialize.

Our process is so intricate, we provide an individual service for every individual step.

Modern Whitepaper Solutions

The first white paper written ever was the “Churchill White Paper” which was prepared to clarify a policy pursued by the British government. It became an ideal marketing and sales tool in the 90s but later Satoshi Nakamoto came out with “White Paper Bitcoin” which made them to now function as an indispensable document for the blockchain industry.

Whitepapers are not merely written, they are to be built, to be designed, to be constructed to prove functional. A team of researchers, sales executives, content strategists, copywriters, designers, and visual artists create a perfect blend of expertise that will produce a wholesome whitepaper.

Pitchdeck Solutions

A pitch deck has one purpose- to close the deal. Our vision is to create a scholarly pitch deck that doesn’t have the “probability” that it will work, rather, we promise a lasting impact on the potential investors’ minds.

We mix the theories of the ideal show and tell and a proper business pitch, targeted for the audience you want to create a convincing- rather influential pitch that will get what you demand and deserve.


The economics of tokens- doesn’t need an Amartya Sen to know that. Our specialists that include profiles ranging from blockchain architects to token developers and economists along with designers will create a fail-proof token that behaves. It seems like an alien term, but it does not have to be Freakonomics. That is what we are here for.

You have a token. The expertise you need is in tech analysis, in the valuation and forecasting. Basically, tokenomics adds the security aspect in your STO.

Pre-STO Landing Page

You have your Security Token Offering, with required tokenomics and now you are ready for launch. The soul is ready, but it needs a face. Good presentation here becomes necessary. A good landing page is not just an open gateway to your website inviting anyone off the internet to your website. It is a curated collection of anything you want to showcase, presented in a convincing and delightful manner.

Our team uses concepts like minimalism, color theories, natural reading sequence and psychology of web design to develop a landing page that conveys in a manner that at least leaves an impact.

Smart Contract Creation

If your process until this point has followed the above-mentioned steps, it is a modern approach towards STO solutions. A traditional contract will take you back to primitive times of trust.

Just like any application on your phone, traditional contracts have evolved to become smart contracts. The most significant update is that it has removed intermediaries from the process making the process error-free. Other changes include automatic negotiation, automated execution of agreements and all of this happens in a blockchain environment to make it tamper-proof.

Smart Contract Audit

Spellcheck is for words what audit is for smart contract code. Maybe in the accelerated future, your software might be able to auto-audit the code with red lines, but today, they have to be audited by senior minds of the blockchain industry.

A smart contract audit in its core has major commonalities with the process of a conventional code audit. The function of both remains the same: Finding security bugs before the code is deployed and ensuring they are executed precisely.

Work speaks louder than words.

Minebee — A platform for miners supplying real-time network analysis

Imagine that you are in the cookie production business.

You produce every raw material required at your factory. Would you not consider selling chocolate chips and cookie dough ice cream while expanding? This proficiency was realized by Codezeros when we also decided to provide each step of this process as an individual service. You need our help with your project. Provide us with basic info and we will contact you soon.

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