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A technology that will change the way you trust through an automated contract management system.

This is how we add the smart in smart contracts.

Between two or more parties signing a contract and the execution of the contract, there are a lot of intermediaries that get involved in the process making it lengthy, cumbersome, costly, and less credible.

A blockchain-based smart contract will make the execution of the blockchain smart contract faster, reliable, automated, tamper-proof, immutable, decentralized, self-auditing, failure-proof along with the ability to have multiple business models on a single contract. Our blockchain smart contract developers will replace every intermediary between the parties involved in the contract.


Have a look at the industries a blockchain smart contract can be used for

Real estate, transport & logistics, legal agreements, deliveries, household transactions, warehouses, crowdfunding projects, intellectual property, IoT, tax records, and the list goes on.

Basically, the use cases for blockchain smart contracts range from any type of financial transactions to agreements that involve exchanges. When a blockchain smart contract code is deployed on the blockchain, there can be no alterations made. The contract ends when the execution is complete.

The one where they talk about smart contracts

We recreated a conversation that a client talked to us about when we asked them about where they got to know about Codezeros.

  • “Really? Contracts on a blockchain? What is wrong with the traditional contracts which have proven their worth and are still in use?” questioned the notary officer
  • “Apart from the fact that they are lengthy, wastes time, are errorful, costly and definitely not tamper-proof along with the amount of time and futile effort they will need in case of violation?” I replied.
  • After a bit of mental math, the officer asks, “You’re saying smart contracts would be devoid of all these loopholes?”
  • “Smart contracts would basically remove the element of error, delay, and fraud entirely from the contracts; that too, at a lesser cost because of elimination of all the intermediaries”
  • “So contracts remain contracts but everything happens on blockchain?”
  • “That’s the idea, yes. The execution has been updated, the concept of contracts stays as it is.”
  • “So… I can code these on my computer or...”
  • “Codezeros can help you better.”

Trust is no longer a moot point.
Once it’s on blockchain, it's a warranty.

How does it work

The secret ingredient in making of a smart contract.

Remember how we use a formula in MS Excel and Google Sheets? Just replace the cells with actions.
=IF (agreement=condition is met, “execute action”, “don’t execute action”)

If you can imagine this in code, you might want to head on to the careers page.

Blockchain smart contracts are applicable and feasible to implement on a very regular basis. Instead of a crew of intermediaries, all you need is a blockchain development service.

Blockchain technology has helped widen the scope of trust by revolutionizing multiple industries and basically changing the way business is done, transactions are made, and agreements are done.

Instances from our portfolio

Ecochain — Blockchain-based fiber exchange platform for international markets

Keep your word. On Blockchain.

We need some basic information before we can start building your smart contract. All it takes is ten seconds to solidify trust.

Already have a smart contract, but want to get it audited?