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Smart Contract Auditing Services

Smart Contract Audit
Your replacement for a contingency plan.

What is a smart contract audit?

In layperson terminology, a smart contract audit is like getting a second opinion to minimize the risk of error. A smart contract is like a commandment written on stone. It cannot be changed once deployed until the conditions are met and the planned execution is carried out.

A smart contract auditor will carry out the same function as a grammar auto-check done on a document. No technology is absolute. Although auditing doesn’t eliminate the need for prevention, It actually pushes security up the list of priorities.

Smart contracts are perfect,
if audited with perfection.

Using standardized tools, we check the code thoroughly for any kind of vulnerabilities to improve the quality of the smart code.

We look into gas optimization in order to see if there are any chances of cost reduction in making transactions. Thus, making smart contracts even better for you.

One thing that doesn’t fail is contingency plans. As perfect as a smart code can be, we always indulge in constructing a plan B, just in case.

We analyze reused code- an industry standard when auditing is done, but we also look into the duplicated code, again, just in case.

Among other auditing activities we undertake, our smart contract auditors recheck dependencies in an inclusive manner so that the smart contract becomes credible at the core.

Excellence is the pursuit of perfection which is about a minute but significant aspects.

A preventive approach

A common practice we follow is to check on the most common attacks which include threats like reentrancy attack, cross-function race conditions, integer overflow & underflow, and so on.

Simplify to qualify

The complexity and the chance of the code being erroneous are correlated. We do not miss any chance to uncomplicate the code without losing any of its functionality.

A wholesome team

Our team includes profiles like smart contract auditors, senior smart contract auditors amongst other blockchain developers who will conduct a deep analysis more than once to make sure there are no loopholes.

Instances from our portfolio

Dove Network — Decentralized application based on the concept of decentralized internet

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