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Pitchdeck Solutions
The best shark food
In the market.

The pitch we make for you reflects your passion.

Primarily, it is a niche service that is popularly and wrongfully considered as something you download a template for. We, at Codezeros, provide a solution to such a service that can make or break your pitch. But wait, why would a blockchain developing firm give such a service?

We have been in the industry for long enough to know how clients struggle for something that has the power to get you the investors. We understand that your idea deserves a pitch deck which is not a template taken off the internet before it is presented to potential investors. Our pitch deck is designed to get investment, to convince at large.

We live in a world of saturated formats and half-hearted work. Hence, they say- pitch decks have a 50-50 % chance of working. Why dwell in such ambiguity?

You’re not tossing a coin, you're probably developing one.


A blockchain or cryptocurrency pitch deck has one purpose- to close the deal. Our vision is to create a scholarly pitch deck that doesn’t have the “probability” that it will work, rather, we promise a lasting impact on the potential investors’ minds.

Check out our pitch decks that have won hearts and investment.

How do we do it?

Well, After the obvious avoiding of generic templates, one method to avoid stale blockchain pitch decks is by doing in-depth research on your product, the market, and the competitors and bind it nicely through classic storytelling which makes it a properly weaved, non-boring blockchain pitch deck.

Instances from our portfolio

Cryptex — World's first TrueUSD based cryptocurrency exchange

A better method, however, is to collaborate with like-minded creative individuals, have conversations that spark curiosity, and in the process, create a pitch deck that not only gets the cash that you need but inspires them with your vision.

To do this, we first need to know you and your project better. Fill this form and get in touch with us immediately.

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