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Your ledger to success. Updation to the second generation of the everything digital.

We help businesses considering blockchain convergence.

If you have reached a point where you are considering blockchain as a solution, you are thinking strategically. You must have already assessed options like forking existing codebase or developing one under a standard token before deciding on developing a custom distributed ledger, and we understand that.

This is where you end your strategic thinking to pass the baton to us where we will continue the race with conceptual thinking. A unique problem demands a custom solution. At Codezeros, every client is introduced with the distributed ledger technology along with industry use cases pertaining to their business needs.

Possibilities that favor Distributed Ledger Technology Services

Humans have been recording through ledgers since we started our journey towards civility- after we started building professional relationships. These ledgers were maintained to suffice the only difference between personal relationships and professional ones: Trust- The nucleus of blockchain technology.

Distributed Ledger Technology helps in storage of records, data, and information in a tamper-proof, auditable manner which enables the cost-effective transfer of assets. This model makes it not only easily accessible but resistant to alien alterations.

Web 3.0
Don’t be late to this party.

Many changes that occur as revolutions are just bubbles that give you a temporary state of success- until the bubble bursts. Bitcoin is one such example. But other changes are industry disruptors; or revolutions as we like to call them.

When the Internet and world wide web happened, they were revolutionary, changing the course of human functionality. DLT is one such technology that will pave a way for the future of transactions and information storage in a digitized world.

Our standard approach in DLT integration for your business

Change is the only constant yet, change is never easy. We want to make it easy for you to adopt this technology for your business. Distributed Ledger technology integration has never been this easy. With our blockchain developers, a system of proper blockchain architecture, a look into existing business models and use case identification for optimum benefit becomes lawlike.

At Codezeros, you are introduced with the distributed ledger technology along with industry use cases pertaining to your business needs. This is followed by developing a distributed ledger technology strategy optimized to your needs.

How we do it

The process after you hand over the baton to us.

Planning phase
You meet our team, discuss all the requirements, your expectations, our provisions, the technologies, and the functionalities. This is where we begin the strategic thinking to create a plan of execution.

Pre-initiation phase
Before beginning the execution, everything that has been planned according to the requirements given by your team is documented and shared with you. This is also used to create the project backlog.

Initiation phase
With proper deadlines set, resources are allocated, smaller milestones and deliverables are set, scrums and sprints are planned and now, we are ready to work upon the project.

Execution Phase
After a formal kick-off, with proper and timely scrums, our team begins work on the set milestones. We send regular reports on the developments to keep you updated on your process.

Work speaks louder than words.

Authentic Heroes — Enabling rebirth of collectible clothing of sports heroes via blockchain

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