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Ethereum & Consensus Fork

Consensus Forking
One-stop solutions are a myth. Unique ideas always need custom solutions.

In a decentralized mechanism, the most significant reform is of the consensus model

The laissez-faire approach has not only transformed industries and economies, but it is also applicable in technology, especially the decentralized blockchain technology. We are here to make it competent.


The creation of blockchain as a decentralized technology is the result of forking. Bitcoin, the oldest codebase is open-source, without any central power controlling it. The biggest characteristic of blockchain is that it is a decentralized technology. By design, it is public- anyone can take part. Imagine when our blockchain architects do it.


Anyone could take the bitcoin protocol to fork it and launch a custom P2P currency. We just do it professionally. After the development of a lot of altcoins, the scope of such forks was realized to be much wider and today, forking has use cases beyond bitcoin.


Blockchain technology’s decentralized nature has enabled it for a laissez-faire approach; with the open-source code. All forks at the core are just changes in the underlying protocol but what differentiates various forks is the radicality of changes. Our expertise is in both- radical and conventional.

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Our approach is relentless in any pursuit. Consensus forking allows for a solution customized in the most perfect manner.

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