Blockchain development for Business Intelligence

Encryption, decentralization, and a revolutionized way to record transactions are just a few business intelligence and analytics applications.

Understanding blockchain technology

Decentralized architecture, verified transactions, and an immutable application- These are some attributes that come with blockchain integration with your business.

Every now and then, any business, no matter what industry it belongs to, grows. This growth is usually promoted by changing and forever-growing business environments and industry innovations. A significant part of this growth today is technology. And the biggest revolution that technology is bringing in recent times is blockchain.

It has become obligatory for businesses and organizations to be open to radical changes in order to have a sustainable strategy of doing business and stay relevant indefinitely. Blockchain is one such revolution that will bridge businesses and the future. Let’s see how the retail markets will benefit from this novel technology.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence and analytics are both systems of business functions. They aim towards data management solutions implemented in companies and enterprises to collect data from the past and present while using statistical methods and software to analyze the given raw data to deliver intensive insights that will lead to informed decision making.

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Business intelligence deals with the past, how it happened, and studies the way that led to the present. It will identify trends and patterns to help strategists understand the past to make decisions about the future.

Business analytics deals with the ‘why’ of the data and the happenings of the past. It breaks down the contributing factors and studies it individually to make informed decisions about the future.

How does blockchain add value to the business intelligence?

No other technology is as associated with blockchain as business intelligence because blockchain has the most run applications for business intelligence. The business intelligence applications for blockchain can streamline and improve business intelligence functionality in dramatic manner.

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It won’t be surprising if we see an uprising of companies using ICOs to raise capital for businesses. But when we talk about business intelligence, there is so much more blockchain can offer. A lot of businesses have benefited from blockchain but let’s look at this particular one that we worked on.

With Omnia Markets, we developed a data analytics platform utilizing the power of blockchain. We built a data analytics platform on blockchain technology allowing the client to record and store data in a safe, secure, and transparent setting to ensure that the users get the most recent and reliable information. We used a combination of analytical formulas (traditional financial formulas and new formulas we have developed that relate directly to the cryptocurrency industry), source access, applicable algorithms, and human input in order to provide actionable information and data.

This platform is the first comprehensive database of cryptocurrency companies, coins, and exchanges. It is unique in that it provides true transparency of the industry, only including exchanges that have been properly regulated. In addition, it stands out from other cryptocurrency websites because it does not only provide data and analytics, but also industry-related media such as news articles and podcasts.

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Future of business intelligence with blockchain integration

If there is only but one industry that will be transformed through blockchain support, it is business intelligence. All the value-based points stated above are just scratching the surface of the potential that blockchain holds for business intelligence and blockchain in analytics. The future of business analytics using blockchain is not only safe but also more accurate. Blockchain has the potential for creating secure, updated networks and transactions across the business marketplace.


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