Industry Solutions through Blockchain development

Explore how the industry 4.0 functionalities have revolutionized with the added layer of blockchain technology.

Supply Chain

Studying how blockchain integration will revitalize how we carry out extensive supply chain transactions.

  • Ecochain

Real Estate

An open house that lets a peek into the next revolution in hot real estate markets through blockchain development

Fintech (Financial Technology)

Seamless transactions are not the only change that blockchain will bring in finance management.

  • Cryptex
  • QABU


Learning, interacting, and imparting of knowledge is changing the classroom by exploring blockchain applications in education.

Banking and Remittance

If there was just one industry application for this technology, it would be the infinite scope of financial inclusion via blockchain.

  • SureRemit


Examining how business models will be transformed through blockchain development for the logistics industry.

  • Argotime

Retail and E-commerce

By redefining how we trust, retail businesses and eCommerce platforms will experience new thresholds of customer loyalty.

  • Authentic Heroes

Business Intelligence

Encryption, decentralization, and a revolutionized way to record transactions are just a few business intelligence and analytics applications.

  • Omnia Markets


Tech for tech is the greatest update in the history of this world since the advent of the internet.

  • Unitychain

Enterprise Blockchain frameworks

Technology solutions that accelerate the change by simplifying the development, deployment, and support of technically complex projects.