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We create smart contracts to validate conditions and execute actions secured on the Ethereum blockchain with an automatic triggering system.

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We are primarily a blockchain development company. Trust us, your data will be protected on our private servers.

About Codezeros

Codezeros is a pioneering organization in the realm of blockchain development and of its related concepts. We have been abreast with the evolution of the blockchain industry while learning about its new developments and future scope. Our expert developers bring this learned knowledge to the table while building bespoke solutions for your organization. We are great at smart contract creation and other related development tasks because of our expertise, cohesive culture, harmony, and inspiring environment.

Being an experienced smart contract development company, we follow the best development practices, tools, and technologies to create your solution. Hire Solidity developers to provide speedy results backed by accurate execution and transparency. You can trust us with your project, and rest assured that we follow cost-optimization techniques to ensure a low-cost development system for every organization.

Smart Contract Development Services

Ask us to build smart contract-specific purposes to automate the organizational processes and achieve operational excellence while reducing the manual efforts and, with it, the number of errors.

ERC-20 Smart Contracts

Our elaborative token and contract development solutions are based on Ethereum and build on Solidity while following the security and quality protocols.


Raising the token security standard, we can also create tokens with the ERC-1400 standard while incorporating systems like error signaling, access control, and differentiated ownership.

ERC -721/1155

The ERC 721/1155 standards are ideal for releasing non-fungible tokens. With ERC 1155, we can build and release multiple tokens simultaneously, saving time and deployment costs.

Stable coins

Our developers and market experts help you leverage the crypto market’s positioning by building stable coins and pegging them to solid assets to provide better safety to the customers.


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Codezeros Smart Contract Development Process

A well-executed development process is pivotal to building the solution and providing efficient results. We follow a well-structured process to build your solution from scratch.

Stages of Development

Team Composition


Gathering Requirements

  • Note and discuss the initial requirements for the application (new or existing)
  • Discuss the business logic behind the application and integration of smart contract
  • Build a product roadmap

Team Composition

  • Business analysts
  • Blockchain experts
  • Technical consulting and development team


  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Utility map or use cases
  • Technical design proposal and documentation

Technical Design

  • Defining smart contracts for the project
  • Making data flow diagrams
  • Work on the technical architecture
  • Fulfill GDPR compliance requirements
  • Identify the deliverables

Team Composition

  • Business analysts
  • Smart contract specialist
  • Product development manager
  • Cryptography specialists


  • Project blueprint
  • Probable user journeys
  • Security and scalable documents
  • Project flow diagram


  • MVP execution
  • Alpha and beta version
  • Releasing the MVP version
  • Increasing production

Team Composition

  • Smart contract developers
  • Team leaders
  • Scrum or Agile methodology expert
  • Technical architect
  • Quality assurance experts


  • Source code
  • Smart contracts and related documentation
  • Testing documentation


  • Deployment of smart contract on the main network

Team Composition

  • DevOps team
  • Quality assurance experts
  • Delivery management teams/project manager


  • Deployment of Solution

Upgrades and Maintenance

  • Gathering new requirements
  • Prioritizing the development work according to needs

Team Composition

  • Smart contract developers
  • Quality assurance experts
  • Team leaders
  • Scrum/Agile methodologies expert
  • Technical architect


  • Upgrades and support for smart contracts

Tools and Technologies We Use for Smart Contract Development

Hire smart contract developer who carefully selects the right technologies for developing smart contracts specific to your business needs, both current and future.

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Why Choose Codezeros as your Smart Contract Service Provider?

We have won awards, gained industry reputation, and achieved extensive knowledge of smart contracts, blockchain, and related technologies. Choosing us means success.

5+ Years

Extensive amount of experience in smart contracts creation backed with technical expertise and innovation.

4+ Awards

We have received awards and accolades for innovative thinking, visionary approaches, and efficient solutions.

100+ Clients

With a high success rate, we have onboarded international clients and deliver the solutions they need.

120+ Experts

Codezeros houses a team of highly-qualified and skilled experts committed to build performant solutions.

Codezeros Exceeds Your Expectations! Here’s Why?

By using the latest technologies and following the industry’s best development standards, we are redefining smart contract creation and development.

Dedicated Development Team

Our team of developers and designers work dedicatedly on your project bringing their years of experience and expertise to the table to develop the smart contract solutions in record time.

Extensive Research

Our research team and architecture specialists work together to identify the key areas of approach to build the most eligible solution and implement the smart contract in the best way possible.

Maintenance and Support

We have an in-house technical support team to help you with smart contract deployment and management. You can rely on our support team for effective assistance and troubleshooting.

Demonstrable Experience and Portfolio

We are trusted in the industry because of our experience and portfolio of previously completed projects. Our experience has made us more efficient, adaptive, and intelligent.

Applications of Smart Contracts for Every Industry

Smart Contracts can effectively transform a business and its operational efficiency. It can help build trust, transparency, and accountability between two parties involved in the transaction. Smart contract use cases can vary from industry to industry. Let's see how:


With smart contracts, hospitals and healthcare institutions can control the sharing and ownership of patients’ data while enabling stringent access controls.

Internet of Things

Reinforce and improve the automation associated with IoT while making the entire network of devices and peripherals more secure and transparent at the same time.


Build stringent teacher-student learning environments by including smart contracts into the administrative works and execute the desired functionality upon the completion of certain criteria.


Enable and complete minor to significant transactions in the hospitality industry with ease while ensuring complete security.

Sports and Lifestyle

From automating the athlete's payments to execution of a pre-recorded agreement via the blockchain, you can integrate smart contracts into any level of sports processes and management.

Real Estate

Create an automated system for completing the contractual agreements between multiple parties. Execute failure-proof rental agreements and transfer of property hands-free without any room for errors.

Travel and Tourism

Create a smart contract-enabled booking system for different parties, including hotels, service providers, and customers. Bring cohesiveness to the contract with efficient implementation.


Smart contracts creation helps build a decentralized system for borrowers and lenders to conduct transactions safely and efficiently. Build a self-enforcing agreement system to reduce operational costs.

Projects That We Have Delivered, With a Smile

From simple ERC-20 smart contracts execution to complex token implementation systems, we have built projects for several use cases, industries, and requirements.


By bringing transparency, auditability, and speed to outdated workflows, smart contracts can change the face of many global industries. Take a look at the most prominent use cases.

While other developers I’ve worked with tend to over promise and under deliver, Codezeros is reliable. Project results exceeded expectations. Codezeros provides high-quality service for a reasonable price. They stand out compared to competitors based on their time management and ability to deliver. The team collaborated closely with their partners, resulting in an ongoing partnership.

AJCTO, Bit Technologies

The most impressive thing about the company is that they treated our project like their own. Codezeros' efforts were met with positive acclaim across the board. The team is proactive, knowledgeable, and has excellent project management acumen.

Rodrigo BoabaidCo-Founder, Sunsets Capitals

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart contract creation and development at Codezeros is completed by expert developers and technical experts with an aim to improve the business bottomline.

Smart contracts encode details of an agreement between two or more parties and it executes automatically after the conditions are fulfilled. Traditional contracts, on the other hand, are enforceable by law and are written by hand or on a computer, but they are not automatically enforced.

As smart contracts automate the execution process, it helps eliminate any aspect of doubt by either of the parties involved. These contracts help two parties stay true to the conditions set forth and execute the results intended efficiently.

Smart contract development is about writing codes that are compatible with the blockchain network. With this approach, we can digitize the contract execution system and replace the traditional contract system with a better one.

Smart contracts can help streamline business operations by consolidating and automating tasks. By integrating smart contracts into the business operations you will experience an improvement in business efficiency. Furthermore, it can also help companies to handle tasks, maintain records, and ensure accountability between the parties involved.

Building a smart contract involves writing the code, designing the structure, and working integration of the technical architecture of the contract. To decide the cost, we first need to understand the requirements and scope of work. With this information we can identify the amount of work required, primarily the number of hours required to build the contract. So, we can only share the cost estimate after knowing the initial requirements.