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Work — ProHoffA robust real estate listing platform where users can rent properties.

Codezeros was the development partner for this project. We provided the client with the resources to fulfil this project.

List your property in simple steps

The platform provides users with an easy and simple way to list their properties. Just fill in the form and add the required details to list the properties. Once confirmed, the user will be able to manage them through a robust dashboard.

Customise as per your choice

The platform is created in a way that the user can customise the listing as much as they require, the user can list an office space for designated hours per day or week or month as required.

Ease of mobile

The platform also supports a mobile application for users looking to find a space. Thus providing them with an on the go solution. Just login and find the property you wish.

Tech stack used
Find your space!

With a web platform and a mobile app as well, ProHoff gives you a platform to find or list your space with utmost ease. Chat with potential owners/clients before confirming, choose your days/hours of requirement, and find the space you wish with a click of a button.