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Work — DeFi based Lottery bond portalAn innovative yield generative DeFi platform conceptualised on one of the oldest and most popular financial instruments: lottery bonds.

For this platform, our team created the smart contracts and the frontend portal.

Try your Luck!

A platform based on lottery bonds where the user forgoes the interest payments but instead participates in a lottery which distributes the equivalent of aggregate interest payments among them. The user has to guess a random number from the list given if chosen as the winning number receives the interest payments as a reward.

Low fees, high rewards

Built on Binance Smart Chain thus decreasing the total transaction fees, this platform provides the user with a unique proposition of earning high rewards without having to spend a lot of transaction fees.

Choose your number!

Once the user has staked in the pool, they will receive a guess tokens based on their staking amount and the user can then choose the numbers from the available list of all numbers. Through a random number generation algorithm the admin will choose a winner autonomously and if that number is selected by a specific user, they will receive the rewards.

An innovative DeFi portal which leverages an idea from one of the oldest financial books and creates a new age solution for users to try their luck on.

Tech stack used