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At Codezeros, we believe in providing blockchain development solutions that are focused more on the idea that you bring to us, rather than the technology stack. We help you scale your idea and turn it into a sustainable business model. Being a Blockchain Consulting Firm in India, we offer blockchain software development consulting services from idea to actual product, our team has tangible experience building blockchain applications, secure and scalable.

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ICO Development

We are one of the leading organisations when it comes to providing end-to-end ICO development services. We assign you our best possible team of experts that take care of

Blockchain Development Services

With vast experience and in-depth knowledge, we lead the industry when it comes to blockchain development. Blockchain technology is the driving force behind all the significant cryptocurrencies.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are self-executing coded contracts, and they automate business processes and bring trust in a transaction. These are digitally created protocols that validate conditions

DApp Development

Codezeros’ passion and enthusiasm have kept us updated with the emerging technological skills, one of which is the development of DApps (Decentralised Applications).

Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency wallet is a way to store virtual currencies. The software functionality of the wallet allows users to earn, monitor and transfer virtual currencies.

Cryptocurrency Development

We provide high-level and innovative cryptocurrency development services with surrounding solutions for custom altcoin development that satisfies your purposes.


Experts from Codezeros will assist you if you are looking to set up enterprise-grade Blockchain deployment in your business via Hyperledger platforms and development tools.


After the popularity of blockchain due to robust features such as decentralization and distribution of the transaction data on a ledger, the world required a technology that has the same features but is much quicker.

Blockchain Consultancy

At Codezeros, we firmly believe that Blockchain is going to disrupt every industry it touches and we would like to play a vital role in this. So we provide consulting services that will help you turn your idea into a sustainable business model.