Codezeros Technology

India’s Leading Emerging- Technology Company

About Codezeros

We believe that the power of ideas can transform the world and every successful business was first a business idea. In this digital age, our ideas turn out to be the best when supported by all emerging technologies. Blockchain Technology is one such idea that is quickly disrupting the way things are done online. It is the next step to a completely decentralized structure of sharing information. Its implications for all enterprises are still being explored as it is leveraged for more and more industries each new day.

Cryptocurrency is already revolutionizing the concept of currency and how it can be managed without any centralized structure such as a government or banks. At Codezeros, we harness its power to help our clients make better business structures by simplifying their logistical processes.

As a truly pioneering blockchain development company in India, we focus on your ideas and how they can be implemented better with blockchain technology, AI, VR, and IoT. Decentralization of information has a disruptive potential to change how all businesses are conducted. And we plan on being at the forefront of just that!

Our Values and Processes


We identify potentially sustainable projects and/or unique ideas which benefit with the use of emerging technologies such as Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Internet of Things.

Idea-centered focus

We help you measure the scalability of your business. Our logical approach to all our projects enables us to implement smarter ways of managing workflows and projects.

Conducive Workplace

Our workplace is focused on fostering a spirit of innovation in everything we do. It is part of our ethos to engender a transparent work environment which promotes accountability and collaborative creative problem solving.

Continuous Education

To stay on top of the latest and greatest innovations in technology, we believe in constant learning and add newer technologies to our bracket of services. We ensure complete information dissemination to help employees adapt efficiently to all new and emerging technologies.